Trump plunges to 35% favorable rating in dire new poll that says 53% back indictments

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Former President Donald Trump’s popularity is plunging as his legal troubles mount.

Just 35% of Americans have a favorable view of Trump compared to 62% who view him unfavorably, according to an Associated Press-NORC poll released Wednesday.

The survey, which was conducted from last Friday to Monday, also found that 53% of all voters say they definitely wouldn’t vote for Trump for president in 2024.

Another 11% said they probably wouldn’t support his White House comeback bid.

The lackluster numbers for Trump extend to opinions about the efforts to prosecute him for trying to overturn his loss in the 2020 election.

Some 53% of those surveyed approve of the U.S. Department of Justice indicting Trump for his alleged scheme to stay in power illegally, compared to just 30% who disapprove.

The poll was taken after Trump’s indictment on the federal Jan. 6 probe but before he was charged late Monday with racketeering in Georgia.

The survey reveals a stark divide between Democrats and independent voters on the one hand and Republicans on the other. Some 86% of Democrats back the indictments compared to just 16% of Republicans.

Even so, Trump has built a dominant lead in the GOP presidential race in recent months even as his legal woes worsen, successfully using the legal drama as a political weapon to rally Republican voters behind him.

Seven in 10 Republicans view the former president favorably, and about 60% say they are happy he’s making a return run for the White House.

Those findings dovetail with other polls of Republicans that show Trump with a commanding lead over longtime main rival Ron DeSantis and a string of other challengers.

But he has scant popularity outside his base of GOP voters, a scenario that has some analysts predicting a general election disaster for the party if he is on the ballot next November.