Trump operation asks Republicans who use him for fundraising to share the haul

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Former President Donald Trump's campaign operation is asking any down-ballot candidates or Republican groups who use Trump's name, image or likeness in fundraising solicitations to give some of the money to Trump's main fundraising committee.

According to a memo obtained by NBC News from a source who received it, Trump's co-campaign managers, Susie Wiles and Chris LaCivita, requested a split of "a minimum of 5% of all fundraising solicitations to Trump National Committee JFC. This includes but is not limited to sending to the house file, prospecting vendors, and advertising."

The memo adds, "Any split that is higher than 5% will be seen favorably by the RNC and President Trump’s campaign and is routinely reported to the highest levels of leadership within both organizations."

The letter, which was sent Monday, asked candidates and committees to adhere by the guidelines beginning Tuesday. Politico was first to report on the memo.

Beyond the directive about splitting fundraising when using Trump's name, image and likeness to raise money, LaCivita and Wiles issued several additional guidelines for campaigns and committees using Trump for their own ends.

They forbid campaigns from "speaking on behalf of President Trump ... questioning the readers' support of President Trump or tying their support to a financial contribution ... creating new memberships, clubs or rewards that are not authorized by the campaign ... impersonating President Trump or his campaign" and more.

Trump advisers have long sparred with groups raising money off his name without authorization as other figures on the right sought to capitalize on his appeal to small-dollar donors.

Trump's campaign and the RNC have trailed President Joe Biden's re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee in fundraising.

The Trump campaign warned that digital vendors who disobey the directives in the menu will face consequences, including getting cut off from party business.

"Repeated violations will result in the suspension of business relationships between the vendor and Trump National Committee JFC. This includes list rental agreements," the memo reads. "As the top Republican digital vendors, we ask that you inform your clients of these new guidelines, and to use your best judgment when mentioning President Trump."

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