Trump on Capt. Khan: ‘If I was president at that time, he would be alive today’

ST. LOUIS — After spending a week criticizing Capt. Humayun Khan’s parents after they spoke at the Democratic National Convention, Donald Trump at Sunday night’s debate called Khan “an American hero” — then blamed Hillary Clinton for his death.

“If I was president at that time he would be alive today,” Trump said. It was because Hillary Clinton voted to support the 2003 invasion of Iraq that led to Capt. Khan to being killed during battle there, adding that he was against the war.

Clinton responded by citing a 2002 audiotape of Trump saying he was in fact for the war, and debate moderator Martha Raddatz confirmed that a fact-check found he had been in support of the war. Trump insisted again that he had been against the war.

Khan’s parents, who passionately criticized Trump at the Democratic convention and condemned his plan to bar Muslims from the U.S. as unconstitutional, issued a statement after Sunday’s debate.

“We know that our son, Captain Humayan Khan, is an American hero. We also know that Donald Trump is not telling the truth when he says he was against the Iraq war. Our son served this country with honor and distinction, and gave the ultimate sacrifice. The only thing that Donald Trump sacrifices is the truth,” the statement read.

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