Donald Trump: ‘O’Malley is a clown’; ‘Hillary is owned by Wall Street’

During Saturday’s Democratic debate, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley called Donald Trump an “immigrant-bashing carnival barker.”

“Let’s say it in our debate because you’ll never hear this from that immigrant-bashing carnival barker Donald Trump,” O’Malley said during a discussion on border security and immigration reform. “The truth of the matter is net immigration from Mexico last year was zero.”

The real estate mogul and outspoken Republican hopeful responded via his preferred medium: Twitter.

“What is the failed former Mayor of Baltimore doing on that stage?” Trump tweeted to his 4.87 million Twitter followers. “O’Malley is a clown.”

“He’s never been a respected guy,” Trump said on “Fox & Friends” Sunday. “He was not a good mayor, you know, mayor of Baltimore — take a look at Baltimore. Obviously he didn’t do too good a job, even though it was a little while ago. And he was the governor of a state that has nothing but problems. Hard place to do business — and I do business all over. I have a lot of stuff in Virginia, right next door. But you go over to Maryland, hard place to do business. Like, really hard.”

Trump’s name was not invoked by the other two Democratic candidates on the debate stage, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. But the current GOP frontrunner offered his analysis of them anyway.

“The thing that got me, well two things: Hillary backed away from Wall Street,” Trump said of the former secretary of state and New York senator. “Look, I’m from New York. Hillary is owned by Wall Street. She always has been.”

Trump also criticized Sanders’ assertion that “climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism.”

“I sort of turned [the debate] on at that point and heard that and was like, ‘Whoa, there must be something else,’” he said.

Trump was also asked what his response would’ve been to the attacks in Paris if he were president.

“What you have to do is you have to toughen up,” he said.

While Trump pointed out that he was against the war in Iraq, the former “Celebrity Apprentice” host said military intervention by the United States and its allies is necessary in the battle against the Islamic State.

“We have to go in, we have to knock the hell out of these people,” Trump said. “And we have to do it with others also. We can’t always be the ones doing it.”

On this point, Trump and Sanders actually seem to agree.

“The United States cannot do it alone,” Sanders said during the debate. “What we need to do is lead an international coalition which includes — very significantly — nations in that region [which] are gonna have to fight and defend their way of life.”