Trump mocked over empty seats White House Christmas Tree Lighting

The Trump White House drew mockery this week from critics who were quick to notice empty seats at the annual White House Christmas Tree Lighting event on Thursday night.

A photo first posted by ABC reporter Steve Rudin began making the rounds on social media as it seemed to show a surprising number of empty seats in the crowd at the Thursday event, which was held on the grounds of the White House.

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Video of the 95th annual National Christmas Tree Lighting appears to show everyone in good spirits, and even a packed crowd.

But critics on Twitter were quick to find parallels between the empty chairs at President Donald Trump’s tree lighting and his less-than-packed inauguration.

Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel invoked the words of Sean Spicer.

“This is the largest crowd that has ever attended a National Tree Lighting in history. Period!" he wrote.

CNN’s Jim Acosta also noticed the empty seats.

“I’m starting to think people really don’t like President Trump," he tweeted.

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CNN has been a frequent target of criticism from the Trump White House, and the outlet is planning to skip the White House's holiday party for the press this year.

Trump has repeatedly called for a return to wishing others a Merry Christmas insisting there is a quote “war on Christmas.”