Trump knocks ‘pathetic RINO named Miles Taylor,’ other critics

Trump knocks ‘pathetic RINO named Miles Taylor,’ other critics
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Former President Trump blasted his critics in a lengthy social media post Sunday, specifically targeting former Trump administration official Miles Taylor, who declared himself part of the “resistance” against Trump in 2018.

Taylor, the former chief of staff of the Department of Homeland Security, penned an anonymous op-ed in The New York Times criticizing Trump’s character from the perspective of a staffer inside the administration. He revealed that he wrote the piece in 2020.

Trump claimed mainstream media networks such as CNN and MNBC, frequent targets of his scorn, intentionally lift up Taylor’s critiques to bolster their audience.

“So many lightweights and fakes go on MSNBC & CNN, along with other ratings challenged networks and platforms, purporting to know me as though they were a long lost relative, only to have virtually no knowledge of me, or anything about me,” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

Trump also added a jab at former White House chief of staff John Kelly, whom he has frequently denounced.

“A weak and pathetic RINO named Miles Taylor, who worked with one of the dumber Generals around, John Kelly, speaks as though he has intimate knowledge of everything Trump,” Trump continued. “Other than seeing him on TV, I have no idea, from the Administration days, who the hell he is. I assume a con man because he gets paid for talking about a subject he knows nothing about, ME.”

“But that doesn’t matter to NBC, to me one of the worst news organizations in the world,” he added. “There are many other of these phonies as well, and I’ll let you all know who they are as soon as I get a chance. TRUTH!”

The comments come as Trump’s criminal trial in New York gets underway, the first criminal trial ever against a former U.S. president.

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