Trump is ignoring attempts to get him to run a pro-vaccine campaign, saying he doesn't want to do Biden any 'favors,' report says

  • Trump's allies have been trying to get him to back COVID-19 vaccines, The Daily Beast reported.

  • But he reportedly worries it'll be unpopular with his base, and he doesn't want to help Biden.

  • Trump got vaccinated in January but didn't do so publicly, like many other top politicians.

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Former President Donald Trump is ignoring allies' efforts to get him to run a pro-vaccination campaign, partly because he doesn't want to help President Joe Biden, The Daily Beast reported.

Four people who spoke independently to Trump about running a campaign told the outlet that he has shown little interest in doing so.

Some of them suggested that he work with Biden, according to The Daily Beast.

But Trump has said he doesn't want to do any "favors" for Biden and that Biden would have to ask him if he wanted help with anything, the outlet reported, citing its sources.

Trump's allies have also suggested other strategies to promote vaccines, such as making public videos, working with influencers, or helping get people vaccinated at his events and rallies, The Daily Beast reported.

Trump also appeared to worry that his promoting vaccines would not be popular with his supporters, the sources told The Daily Beast.

Representative for Trump did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment. A Trump spokesperson also did not respond to The Daily Beast's request for comment.

Trump has bragged about the COVID-19 vaccines being developed while he was president. He has also endorsed the vaccines but also said that people should be able to exercise their "freedoms."

Trump got vaccinated at the White House in January 2021, though the American public didn't learn about it until March.

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