These Trump DOJ Subpoena Revelations Are Like Watergate on Crack

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Attorney General Merrick Garland has been busy lately—and we don’t mean manning the grill at summer barbecues. On Wednesday, he announced the Biden Department of Justice is getting to the bottom of the leak investigations within the Trump administration that led to multiple subpoenas of lawmakers’ and journalists’ personal information, or as Molly Jong-Fast said on this episode of The New Abnormal, “Watergate on crack.”

She and producer Jesse Cannon had FBI agent Peter Strzok on to explain why this is just coming to light now, and get his take on the whole affair.

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“The problem is there may be, in fact, a legitimate government reason to have an investigation that wrapped up these people. But the minute it overlays with all the nonsense, you saw a spewing out of Trump’s mouth with all the shenanigans, [and] that [former Attorney] General Bill] Barr was constantly up to it, it immediately throws the legitimacy very much into question,” he said.

So what happens next? Strzok says he thinks “there’ll be some sort of hearings,” but if anything comes of that, it’ll take a long time.

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He also kinda, sorta hints that the Biden administration may not be totally innocent in this whole ordeal either.

Plus! Francesca Fiorentini takes on America’s hypocrisy when it comes to regulating other countries and why we should keep our enemies, er, China and Russia, close. And California Senator Alex Padilla is pretty blunt about how Dems are royally screwing up the Latinx vote.

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