Trump doesn’t answer when asked if he would use campaign funds to pay penalties in New York fraud, defamation cases.

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Donald Trump didn’t explicitly answer Wednesday when asked if he would use campaign funds to pay the penalties he owes writer E. Jean Carroll in her successful New York defamation case against him.

“Do you plan to try to use campaign funds or PAC money to try to pay some of the penalties in the New York defamation and fraud cases?” a reporter asked Trump after his meeting with the labor union Teamsters in Washington, D.C. The former president asked the reporter to clarify her question several times before providing a response.

“I didn’t do anything wrong. I mean, that’s been proven, as far as I’m concerned. And actually, we won in the Court of Appeals. You probably saw that. That case has been largely won in the Court of Appeals,” Trump said, referring to the civil fraud trial, which he has not won in the New York Court of Appeals. “That was a political case, coordinated with the White House by the attorney general, I assume is what you're talking about. And we won that case largely in the Court of Appeals.”

On the E. Jean Carroll defamation case, Trump said, “That’s a ridiculous case. That case is a ridiculous case. We’re appealing it. She didn’t know anything about me. She didn’t know when it happened. There was nothing. People are looking at that case. It’s a disgrace. We’re appealing that case. We had a very hostile judge. We’re appealing that case. It’s a ridiculous case.”