Trump Demands Government Punish MSNBC for Not Being Nice to Him

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Former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social late Tuesday night to demand that the government punish MSNBC for their critical coverage of him.

Trump wrote that “MSNBC (MSDNC) uses FREE government approved airwaves, and yet it is nothing but a 24 hour hit job on Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party for purposes of ELECTION INTERFERENCE.”

“It is the world’s biggest political contribution to the Radical Left Democrats who, by the way, are destroying our Country,” he added. “Our so-called ‘government’ should come down hard on them and make them pay for their illegal political activity. Much more to come, watch!”

Setting aside the former president’s clear misunderstanding about how cable channels operate in this country, the proposal would be aviolation of the First Amendment, and, there are clear laws that would prevent the government from silencing or punishing a news outlet for giving unfavorable coverage to a government official or political party.

Trump’s ramblings about MSNBC were part of a frenzied late-night posting spree that also included a reiteration of his call to do away with the Affordable Care Act (ACA,) or “Obamacare.”

“I don’t want to terminate Obamacare, I want to REPLACE IT with MUCH BETTER HEALTHCARE. Obamacare Sucks!!!” Trump wrote, adding that “getting much better Healthcare than Obamacare for the American people will be a priority of the Trump Administration.”

Trump never delivered on his 2016 campaign promise to repeal Obamacare and replace it with “something terrific.” As president, Trump succeeded in having several key provisions in the ACA repealed by Congress but failed to create a viable alternative plan or have the law completely overturned.  Over the weekend Trump stated that should he win the presidency in 2024, his administration would once again be “seriously looking at alternatives” to the ACA. “We had a couple of Republican Senators who campaigned for 6 years against it, and then raised their hands not to terminate it. It was a low point for the Republican Party, but we should never give up!” Trump added on the possibility of fully repealing the law.

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