Trump claims Mark Zuckerberg congratulated him for being 'No. 1 on Facebook'

President Trump definitely knows his audience.

Trump called in to Rush Limbaugh's radio show on Monday, and, as he often does, touched on nearly every topic under the conservative sun. And, in typical Trump ranting fashion, he spun several falsehoods about impeachment, the Mueller investigation, and more along the way — and bragged about his apparently stellar performance on Facebook.

Trump tackled the most pressing news early in the interview, continuing to defend his strike on Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani and saying it should've been done years ago. He then "repeat[ed] his exaggeration of the amount of money Iran got access to" under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, CNN's Daniel Dale pointed out, with Trump falsely claiming it was U.S. money, not just Iran's own assets, relieved from tariffs under the deal. Next up came Trump's repeated claim that former Secretary of State John Kerry violated the Logan Act when discussing the JCPOA limiting Iran's nuclear power, which Kerry denies.

Next up, Trump dove back into former Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, which ended a solid seven months ago. He falsely claimed $45 million was spent on the probe, but it was more like $32 million, of which the government expects to recoup $17 million, Dale said. Next up in falsities is Trump's suggestion that Democrats are "trying to affect the election, illegally" by sending articles of impeachment to the Senate. There's nothing illegal about impeachment, no matter when it happens.

Meanwhile, in the only new news to come out of the interview, Trump said he recently had dinner with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who apparently congratulated him for being "No. 1 on Facebook," whatever that means.

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