Trump calls DeSantis a "globalist sellout" during campaign event in Iowa

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Scott Olson/Getty Images
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During a Farmers for Trump campaign event in Iowa on Friday, the former president hoping to have a shot at a non-consecutive second term, amidst a slew of legal battles, railed against 2024 hopeful, Ron DeSantis, calling him a "globalist sellout."

"He would be a catastrophe for farmers of Nebraska and Iowa and anyplace else," Trump said in a quote obtained from Newsmax. "He has been fighting for years — don't forget he was a congressman — to kill every single job supported by this very important industry," he furthered elsewhere in his address to the crowd. "Ending the renewable fuel standard was one of his top priorities as a member of Congress. If he had his way, the entire economy of Iowa would absolutely collapse." Pounding in his point, he compared his own agricultural efforts to those of DeSantis saying, "DeSanctus sided with the communists in China; I sided with the farmers in America."

After his stop-over, Trump headed to a local Dairy Queen where it was revealed that he doesn't know what a Blizzard is — one of the chain's signature treats. "Everybody wants a Blizzard. What the hell is a Blizzard?" Trump was heard asking, according to NBC News. "Take care of the people, OK? Will you take care of 'em for me, and we'll do the Blizzard thing, alright?" he added. "After Trump's stop at the Dairy Queen on Friday, a spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee took a jab at [him] on Twitter by writing: 'Donald Trump doesn't know what a blizzard is. You know who does? Joe Biden,' writes NBC's Vaughn Hillyard.