Trump blasts ‘nasty’ Megyn Kelly after interview

Trump blasts ‘nasty’ Megyn Kelly after interview
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Former President Trump knocked conservative pundit Megyn Kelly on Wednesday, calling her “nasty” just days after sitting with her for an extensive interview.

“I sat down for an hour, and then I did a Megyn Kelly one,” Trump told a crowd of supporters during a campaign event in Iowa on Wednesday, apparently referring to his previous interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“I, she was, you know, boy, she became nastier all of a sudden,” Trump said of Kelly. “She was pretty nasty, didn’t you think, anyone that watched it.”

During the interview with Kelly, which was released last week, the pundit pressed the former president over his handling of classified documents after leaving the White House. She noted that his lawyers had signed off saying they turned over everything asked for in the subpoena, only for federal agents to find more classified materials.

“I don’t know what the timing is. Again, I’d have to check,” Trump said. “I just don’t know the timing. All I know is, I’m allowed to have those documents.”

“But once you get a subpoena, you have to turn them over,” Kelly responded.

“I don’t even know that because I have the right to have those documents. So I don’t really know that,” Trump said.

Feuds between Trump and Kelly are nothing new.

The most notable clash between the two came when Kelly was a host on Fox News and was moderating a Republican debate in 2015.

After reacting to questions she had asked about his comments on women during that debate, Trump infamously said “you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.”

Kelly, who has since left Fox and launched a podcast and YouTube show, said recently the beef between her and Trump is a thing of the past.

“You know, all that nonsense between us is under the bridge, and he could not have been more magnanimous,” she said of one recent informal meeting with the former president.

Trump is the front-runner for the GOP nomination and does not plan to attend next week’s second Republican primary debate, citing his large lead in most polls.

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