Trump Biographer Says This Telltale Sign ‘Indicates Panic’ In Ex-President

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Donald Trump biographer Tim O’Brien suggested Wednesday that all signs point to the former president seriously freaking out over his hush money trial, which is now in the jury deliberation phase.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid asked O’Brien how fearful he thought the presumptive GOP presidential nominee is right now.

“I think everything he’s doing, I think, indicates panic,” replied O’Brien, whose 2005 book “TrumpNation: The Art of Being The Donald” questioned Trump’s bombastic assertions of wealth.

Trump’s “nonsensical capitalized” posts on his Truth Social platform show he likely feels cornered, continued O’Brien, a senior executive editor at Bloomberg Opinion and previous executive editor of The Huffington Post.

“As the trial wears along and the evidence creeps up, I think it puts him in a real corner,” he added. “And I think he feels that. I think, perhaps, he’s been sleeping during some portions of court.”

Reid noted the multiple occasion on which Trump has reportedly leaned back and closed his eyes during the proceedings.

“I actually think he’s in this fugue state and he’s trying to pretend that what he’s confronting in that courtroom doesn’t exist,” O’Brien theorized.

It’s “the same way a small child, if you tell a small child they’ve done something wrong and they stick their fingers in their ears, ‘Nya, nya, nya, that didn’t happen.’ I think that’s where he’s at,” he added.

Watch O’Brien’s commentary here: