Trump backs GOP frontrunner Glenn Youngkin for Virginia governor

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Former President Trump on Tuesday endorsed GOP frontrunner Glenn Youngkin in the race for Virginia governor, a day after the Republican candidate won the nomination over his rivals.

“Glenn is pro-Business, pro-Second Amendment, pro-Veterans, pro-America, he knows how to make Virginia’s economy rip-roaring,” Trump said in an email statement. “He has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

Trump took a shot at Democratic frontrunner Terry McAuliffe, the former governor of Virginia, accusing him a being a corrupt toady of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

“Terry McAuliffe was the Clintons’ bagman in more ways than one, from the cover-ups to the get-rich-quick schemes,” Trump wrote. “He was responsible for many of the problems Virginia currently has.”

Youngkin, a wealthy businessman, scored a solid victory over three main opponents in an unusual state party convention vote by about 30,000 delegates. He is considered a more moderate Republican candidate who might have a chance of appealing to Trump skeptics in a general election.

McAuliffe was the governor of Virginia from 2014 to 2018. Last year, he announced he would be jumping back into the race for the 2021 gubernatorial election. He is leading by a wide margin among Democratic primary voters, who will go to the polls on June 8.

The two parties will face off to replace Gov. Ralph Northam, who is barred by state law from seeking another term.