Trump answers reporter's question about

President Trump answered a question Wednesday from OAN Network about the reputed website

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- In the last hour or so, if you googled it would take you straight to Joe Biden's website, his official campaign website. Odd situation. We don't know who's behind that. But it raises an interesting leadership question. Should Joe Biden, the Democrat party, Kamala Harris-- should they publicly denounce the Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization?

DONALD TRUMP: They should. I think they're afraid to. It's-- in my book it's virtually a part of their campaign, Antifa. The Democrats act like, gee, I don't know exactly what that is.

Take a look at Portland. Take a look at any place you want to take a look at, and they're all over the place. They were here.

We put on a 10-year prison sentence if you knock down any statues two months ago. And since then, we haven't seen much of them. We had to send border security. We sent, actually, [? Homeland ?] and border and different forms of [? Homeland ?] to Portland in order to-- you know what we had to do.

We had to save-- they wanted to knock down a courthouse, a $500 million courthouse. They wanted to burn it down, knock it down. And they were easily able to defend. But the mayor and the governor of the state, they didn't want to do that.

And we actually sent our people there, and they did a great job. But they were-- they did it easily. But in the meantime, they went to other parts of the city. And they're doing damage, and we're recommending to the governor that they call in national security, call in the National Guard.

We're willing to get-- we would stop that problem in one hour. We sent just defensive measures to protect and save that courthouse from being burned down or knocked down. We also saved couple of other buildings, federal buildings, because they were unable to do the job.