Trump allies' new anti-censorship app for conservatives has already been overrun with porn, reports say

Trump allies' new anti-censorship app for conservatives has already been overrun with porn, reports say
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GETTR's main interface
A screenshot of GETTR. Apple App Store
  • GETTR, a social media app set up by a former Trump aide, officially launches on July 4.

  • The anti-Twitter platform has already been flooded with pornographic spam comments, reports say.

  • Despite its objection to censorship, GETTR said it reserves the right to "address" lewd content.

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A new, anti-censorship social media platform set up by Donald Trump's former aides has already been overrun with porn, reports say.

GETTR, which is led by former Trump spokesman Jason Miller, advertises itself as holding freedom of speech as a "core value." But users have already taken advantage of the website's lax approach to moderation, according to reports.

According to Politico, the app went live in app stores in mid-June but is set to launch officially on July 4.

Comments under the platform's welcome message currently include pornographic images and GIFs, Mother Jones reported. Users have also spammed the platform's first post with graphic hentai videos and images of Hillary Clinton's face photoshopped onto a woman's naked body, the outlet said.

There are also comments including images of old men wearing diapers, Gizmodo reported.

The platform's QAnon hashtag was also flooded with obscene memes, according to the Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer.

It is not clear who the posters of the memes and lewd messages are. Neither GETTR nor Miller immediately responded to Insider's request for comment.

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A description for GETTR on Apple's App Store shows that it has a 17+ "mature" rating.

And while the platform cites a commitment to not censoring content, GETTR's terms of service show that it reserves the right to "address content" that is "obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, pornographic, violent."

As Insider's Grace Panetta reported, GETTR's format resembles that of Twitter, with trending topics, verified users, and the ability to reshare and like posts.

The former president is yet to join GETTR and, according to Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Jacobs, has no plans to participate and still intends to launch his own social media website.

He was barred from platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram following the Capitol riot, and recently shut down his blog due to low readership rates and widespread mockery.

According to Politico, Miller recently left his post as Trump's spokesman to launch GETTR, and Tim Murtaugh, who was once Trump's communications director, also works as a consultant for the app.

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