Trudeau Decries 'Hateful Rhetoric' of Anti-Vaccine-Mandate Protesters Near Canadian Parliament

Canada’s parliament was set to resume after a winter break on Monday, January 31, as a convoy of truckers and other demonstrators continued to protest vaccine mandates for a third day in Ottawa.

This footage was captured by Jean-Philippe Menard, who said it was filmed during the protest in Ottawa on Sunday.

On Sunday, police described the protest as a “well-funded, major demonstration” and said they had “seen multiple cases of disruptive, inappropriate and threatening behavior from demonstrators.”

As of January 15, Canada has required truck drivers to be fully vaccinated or face a two-week quarantine period when crossing back into Canada from the US.

Protests continued on Monday as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced he had tested positive for COVID-19. Trudeau also expressed displeasure with the demonstrators, telling Canadian broadcasters, “There have been many, many protests over the past years … that don’t see the level of hateful rhetoric, of swastikas, of abuse toward their fellow citizens.” Credit: Jean-Philippe Menard/@iriewanderer86 via Storyful