Truck crashes into Texas public building, killing one

STORY: Aerial video shows a tractor-trailer with its cab crushed in the parking lot of the DPS building in Brenham, Texas, about 75 miles (120 km) northwest of Houston, with a wall of the brick building smashed in and debris strewn across the area.

The building houses offices of the state department that includes the Texas Rangers police force and the motor vehicle agency.

The crash resulted in 13 injuries in addition to the one fatality, the DPS said at an afternoon press conference.

"The driver was being followed. He had stolen an 18 wheeler earlier. He was being chased by a deputy and he ran into our building," said Gerald Brown, Texas DPS Regional Director.

The driver, identified by the DPS as Clenard Parker, 42, was in custody and described as a suspect.

Parker was arrested at the scene by several officers who pulled him from the truck's cab. He was uninjured, officials reported.

Few other details were available on Friday afternoon, but DPS officials said that the Texas Rangers were investigating the incident.