Truce talks between Israel and Hamas resume in Cairo

Truce talks between Israel and Hamas resume in Cairo

Truce talks resume

Following a setback on Monday, ceasefire discussions have commenced in Cairo between representatives of Israel and Hamas according to local Egyptian television.

Egypt, Qatar and the US are mediating the discussions, which Israel previously claimed have failed due to Hamas failing to show flexibility.

Hamas has called for all northern Gazans to return and for the release of Israeli hostages in Gaza to be dependent on IDF forces fully withdrawing from Gaza and the end of hostilities.

Israel withdrew its negotiating team on Monday after Hamas refused to accept a collection of compromises drawn up by Egypt, Qatar and the U.S.

Egypt, France and Jordan urge against Rafah ground operation

On Saturday, Cairo hosted the Foreign Ministers of Jordan and France who warned Israel against carrying out a ground operation in Rafah and emphasised the need for further aid into Gaza.

Speaking on X France's Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne said that the three were "committed to strengthening co-operation on aid."

Israel has insisted that a ground invasion of the southern city of Rafah is necessary to fully defeat Hamas, despite warnings that it would entail a humanitarian disaster.

Israel's planned invasion has courted international criticism, with the US Secretary of State calling it "unnecessary".

New aid convoy leaves Cyprus

A three-ship convoy left a port in Cyprus on Saturday with 400 tonnes of food.

The aid shipment, organised by charity World Central Kitchen charity said the vessels and a barge carried enough to prepare more than 1 million meals from items like rice, pasta, flour, legumes, canned vegetables and proteins.

It was not clear when the ships would reach Gaza. The shipment is the second this month.

The United Nations and partners have warned that famine could occur in devastated, largely isolated northern Gaza as early as this month.

Humanitarian officials say deliveries by sea and air are not enough and that Israel must allow far more aid by road. The top U.N. court has ordered Israel to open more land crossings and take other measures to address the crisis.