Trouble ahead for Jawbone and Nike: Fitness trackers on the way from big tech companies

Video: Nike CEO hints that Apple and Nike are working ‘stealth’ new wearable gadgets

It has been clear for some time that consumer technology industry giants like Samsung and Sony are eyeing the wearable tech market for a boost as growth in the smartphone space slows. The first assault on this emerging market stuck to the smartwatch category, however, and fitness tracking band specialists like Nike, Fitbit and Jawbone were in the clear. It looks like 2014 will be an entirely different story, however. We have already seen reports stating that Samsung is working on a fitness tracking band that will launch early next year, and now a new report from Korea Herald claims LG also has plans to take on the Jawbone UP, Nike FuelBand and other fitness trackers with its own dedicated tracking band.

The report cites unnamed industry sources in suggesting that LG has a device called the “G-Health” in the works that will be a fitness tracking wristband introduced alongside a new “G-Arch” smartwatch. Details are scarce for the time being and it is unclear if the devices will work with a wide range of smartphones or just with LG phones.

Korea Herald claims that both the G-Health and G-Arch will debut alongside LG’s new flagship G3 smartphone during the annual Mobile World Congress trade show that will take place this coming February.

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