A ‘tree of invincibility’ replaces traditional Christmas tree on Kyiv’s Sofia Square

This year, the capital’s main Christmas tree will be an artificial one, measuring 12 meters tall. It will be decorated with energy-saving garlands that will be powered from a generator, though they will only be lit at specific intervals. Charging stations for electronics are also planned to be installed around the tree.

“We’ll put them in a curious tent, I'll leave it as an intrigue as to which one,” Klitschko wrote.

The Christmas tree itself is decorated with toys from past years: about a thousand blue and yellow balls, as well as white doves. The top of the tree will be crowned with the coat of arms of Ukraine.

The lower part of the Christmas tree will be decorated with stands showcasing the flags of countries that are helping Kyiv cope with the challenges and consequences of Russia’s full-scale war against the country.

Klitschko noted that this year’s tree will be installed and decorated at the expense of patrons and businesses. The generator was also provided by benefactor, leading Klitschko to claim that money is not being spent from the municipal fund on the tree. He also stated that there will be no mass entertainment events, food courts, fairs, or attractions on Sofia Square this year.

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