Travis and Jason Kelce spent hours at this Kansas City bar playing one arcade game

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Perhaps not surprising for a couple of ‘90s kids, Travis and Jason Kelce seem to have logged quite a lot of hours playing sports video games.

The topic came up during last week’s episode of their wildly popular podcast, “New Heights,” after a listener wrote in to ask, “What is blitz?”

She was presumably referring to defensive pass rushing, but the Kelces took it in a different direction, delving into an impressively detailed discussion of NFL Blitz, a football arcade game that debuted in the late 1990s.

“Do you remember going to the Uptown Bar in KC?” Travis asked.

The brothers then regaled listeners with a story about playing Blitz at the bar — which is not the “Uptown Bar” but in fact Up-DownKansas City, the Crossroads arcade bar at 101 Southwest Blvd.

“We were there for four hours,” Jason said. “And we were just killing people.”

“Undefeated,” Travis added. “Nobody could f--- with us. It was like we were 10 all over again.”

David Hayden, communications manager for Up-Down, said he started hearing from people almost immediately after the podcast was released.

“I’m a regular listener (of “New Heights”), but I was getting calls and texts that morning before I even had a chance to check it out,” he said.

He said the night referenced was “probably a couple years ago.”

“They were a blast, having a great time,” Hayden said. “The same energy they bring on their podcast, they have that in real life. It’s a real thing.”

NFL Blitz is still at the bar, he said.

“Yep, the same cabinet they played on,” Hayden said. “You can’t get rid of Blitz. It’s so much fun.”

Up-Down KC changed its name in an online photo after Travis Kelce mistakenly called it “Uptown Bar.”
Up-Down KC changed its name in an online photo after Travis Kelce mistakenly called it “Uptown Bar.”

In addition to a few social media posts — the bar digitally spray-painted its sign to read “Uptown” in an Instagram post — Hayden said Up-Down is planning an NFL Blitz tournament in March. The proceeds will benefit Travis’ 87 & Running nonprofit.

“It seems like a good way to make some more positive stuff come from the mention,” Hayden said.