Trailer: Embezzlement affair 'Paper Moon'

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Pocket money: Rie Miyazawa in "Paper Moon"

A delicate tale of love and theft is edging closer to its cinematic debut as "Paper Moon," by Japanese author Mitsuyo Kakuta, receives a teaser trailer setting out its premise.

Rika Umezawa (Rie Miyazawa of "The Twilight Samurai" and "Kiki's Delivery Service") works part-time at a bank and is accustomed to visiting her clients out of the office or at their homes.

Her diligent nature wins their trust and admiration, but she starts an extra-marital affair with one of her client's grandsons and not long after ends up skimming ¥100 million from customer accounts.

With Rika on the run from the authorities, two of her old schoolmates are then brought in to uncover what happened, with uncomfortable consequences.

Kakuta, previously a winner of the Naoki Prize, Noma Literary Prize and Izumi Kyoka Prize for Literature, saw "Paper Moon" [jp. 紙の月 or Kami no Tsuki] published in 2012 and collected the well respected Shibata Renzaburo Award soon after.

The novel has already been subject to one televisual adaptation, as a four-part miniseries on Japanese channel NHK that commenced in January 2014.

Directed by Daihachi Yoshida, and award winner with "The Kirishima Thing," "Paper Moon" is set for a November 15 release in Japan.

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