Trail of clothes leads cops to man accused of beating Wingstop worker, TN police say

A couple entered a Tennessee Wingstop and carried out a “vicious assault” when the lone employee refused to open the store’s safe, police said.

Antonio Reshawd Jefferson, who police said has been arrested 36 times before in Nashville, was booked with felony robbery charges after he and his girlfriend Charmaine Greer were suspected of attempting to rob a Wingstop restaurant, according to a Davidson County court affidavit.

The couple walked into the Wingstop on Nov. 3 using the back door, wearing “articles of clothing” over their faces to hide their identity, according to the report. There was only one employee present in the restaurant — a worker in her fifties, police said.

With a 4-foot metal pole in hand, Jefferson began beating the employee on the head, which was filmed by surveillance cameras per the affidavit. They demanded the worker open the Wingstop’s safe but she refused to do so, according to police.

While the worker was repeatedly struck by the 33-year-old, police said, Greer stole the woman’s wallet.

Jefferson then repeatedly ordered his girlfriend to shoot the employee, but after pleas from the worker, Greer did not carry out the demand, according to the affidavit. Instead, the couple told the employee that they knew where she lived and that they would shoot her later, the affidavit said.

Jefferson and Greer then left, police said.

The employee was sprawled out on the floor following the assault, police said, and was sent to a nearby hospital to treat injuries on her head, arms and hands.

As the couple ran out of the Wingstop, they left behind a trail of discarded clothing items they were wearing, as seen on surveillance camera footage by detectives per the report. Jefferson and Greer both hopped a fence at condo complex nearby, additional camera footage showed, according to the affidavit.

From there, the pair crossed a motel inn’s parking lot to go toward where Greer’s mother had booked a room, the affidavit said. Before approaching the motel room, Greer removed her pants and hid them under a car, according to the report.

Jefferson was arrested on Nov. 19 with attempted robbery and aggravated robbery charges, according to Davidson County Criminal Court records. He was also charged with felony theft, court records show, in which the offense date was listed as Nov. 16.

He is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 22, according to court records.

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