Traffic signals at Springfield intersection being studied for removal

A local city’s service department will study a traffic signal and decide if it should be removed.

The Springfield City Service Department will begin to study a traffic signal at Selma Road and Tibbetts Avenue on Tuesday, Feb. 20.

A previous traffic study shows that this location doesn’t meet current signal warrant thresholds and is not expected to meet them in the future, according to a spokesperson from the City of Springfield.

On Feb. 20, a sign reading “Signal Under Study for Removal” will be installed next to the traffic signal.

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A “Stop” sign and an “Advanced Warning” sign will be posted for drivers approaching the traffic signal, the spokesperson said.

For 90 days, the signal will be in flashing operation while the intersection is evaluated for crashes.

After 90 days, the signals will be covered for 60 days, the spokesperson said.

If traffic-related incidents don’t increase during the 60 days, the signals will be removed.