New traffic barriers installed in Oregon District to promote pedestrian safety

A brand-new system to block traffic for big events in Dayton’s Oregon District has been installed.

As reported on News Center 7 at 5:00, traffic bollards are essentially traffic safety barriers.

In the Oregon District, this new safety feature is removable and can be locked in place.

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The underground sleeves are already installed and covered when they aren’t in use.

When the barriers are needed, city workers will come in and drop the metal bollard in and lock it in place.

This will create a solid, safe barrier to stop vehicles, but allow people to walk through and enjoy any event.

“It’s going to look a lot better down here, not look like a construction zone,” Derailed Hair Salon owner Ali Matta said.

Matta’s business is in the Oregon District, and she’s looking forward to a more efficient way to block the streets.

Derailed Salon client Brandie Bogumill is excited about this new addition.

“I think it’s a great idea, definitely be much safer for people coming down here,” Bogumill said.

Bogumill enjoys visiting the Oregon District for weekend events, so this extra precaution makes her feel safer.

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“Coming down here, knowing you don’t have to look both ways, not going to get hit by a car, definitely it will be much better,” Bogumill said.

Dayton Police Major Christopher Malson said when it comes to blocking traffic, the installation of bollards is the best solution they have had.

“It makes it a lot safer for the pedestrians, if someone accidentally or purposefully tries to drive in, they’ll be stopped,” Malson said.

Before the bollards, the city used signs, barricades, and heavy equipment like dump trucks to close roads and keep pedestrians safe.

“Makes it a lot easier, it’s less manpower, don’t have to move as much equipment around,” Malson said.

Many businesses in the Oregon District think this change is for the better.

“And maybe a little more inviting for everyone to make their way in, is what we’re hoping,” Matta said.

The permanent bollard is painted black, but the removable pieces will be painted yellow, so drivers won’t be able to miss them.