You Can Track The Easter Bunny’s Many Stops Around The World

Kristine Cannon
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The tracker not only follows the Easter Bunny around, but it also has fun games for the kids to play online

Who says Santa is the only one deserving of his own tracker? The Easter Bunny has one, too, and we can’t think of a better way to build up anticipation for the Easter Bunny’s visit (and the kids’ search for their easter baskets on Sunday morning) than by tracking his many, many stops around the world.

Tracking the Easter Bunny is easy. Simply head to and open up the web version. We recommend Chromecasting it to your TV, so the kids can follow along. The tracker not only includes the Easter Bunny’s current location, but the kids can also keep track of the Easter Bunny’s total number of baskets delivered, the amount of carrots eaten by the bunny, his previous stop, and even his speed (apparently he travels at speeds of more than 3,000 miles per hour).

Easter Bunny Tracker
Easter Bunny Tracker

“Yes, the Easter Bunny is still delivering baskets and eggs (an essential service) during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak situation that is affecting communities across the globe,” the website assures. “Fortunately, the coronavirus does not impact the Easter Bunny’s ability to deliver.”

And in case the kids ask, the Easter Bunny is protecting himself and helping to ensure he protects others by washing his hands regularly with soap and water, covering his nose and mouth when he coughs or sneezes, and avoiding close contact with people who are not feeling well.

“Kids around the world are counting on the Easter Bunny to deliver goodies and he won’t let you down,” the website further states.

The tracker started at 5 a.m. ET today (Easter Eve, April 11) and continued to follow the Easter Bunny’s hourly movements. The route apparently starts from Easter Island, where he lives, and he makes his first stop on Christmas Island. His last stop is American Samoa. The website has a ton more FAQs worth clicking through about the Easter Bunny and the tracker, too.

The website also has online Easter games for the kids to play, including a “find the Easter Bunny words” game, an Easter memory game, and an Easter image-pairing game.

Plus, the website has the option of sending emails to the Easter Bunny by filling out a private form on the Track Easter Bunny website. The Easter Bunny will then, according to the website, send a personalized email back. The form requires inputting your first name, email, hometown, the gift the kids want to receive, and a message.

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