Track of the Day: 'Possession'

A reader sends a sensual song for Saturday night:

Choosing a sexy track is all SO subjective. But for whatever reason, pretty much all of Sarah McLachlan’s Fumbling Towards Ecstasy works for me.

More on the album from Slant’s Sal Cinquemani:

1994’s Fumbling Towards Ecstasy marked the true arrival of Sarah McLachlan outside of her native Canada. Hers was a slow-burning success story and her third album’s lead single “Possession” was no exception. The single took its time fluttering around the bottom regions of the pop charts, but it ultimately became one of the biggest recurrent radio hits of the 1990s. McLachlan empathized with one of her crazed fans enough to write the song, an intensely dark account of a man (or woman) who becomes obsessed with a pop singer and ultimately finds satiation in dreams: “Nothing stands between us here/And I won’t be denied.” […]

Despite the semi-fictitious aspects of Ecstasy, the record is an irrefutably personal one. There are Bible-worthy allusions to forbidden love, temptation, sin and shame throughout tracks like the folky “Good Enough” and the propulsive “Wait.”

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