Tourist accused of kidnapping, attempting to lure child for sex at Las Vegas resort pool

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Florida man is accused of pulling a child from a resort swimming pool and attempting to lure the boy to a bathroom for sex, according to Las Vegas Metropolitan police documents.

Sheldon Barber faces the following charges:

  • Kidnapping a minor

  • Luring a minor to engage in a sex act

  • Contact with a minor

Police were called to the Grand View Resort on S. Las Vegas Boulevard near Silverado Ranch Boulevard on Saturday, Aug. 26 because a man was loitering and harassing pool guests.

The report stated one guest told an officer that Barber “forcefully pulled a child from the pool and asked the child to go with him to the bathroom”. Instead, the child, who appeared nervous, got back into the pool.

Over a period of several hours, police talked with more witnesses.

The child’s female cousin told police she was in the pool the previous night and noticed Barber staring at her so she left the pool to go to another area. He followed her and asked her about her age and what she planned to do later which made her uncomfortable so she walked away.

She told police she witnessed Barber the following day walk up to her young cousin who was in the pool and pull him out even though the child resisted, the report said.

The child’s mother who was also in the pool helping the boy with swimming collaborated on the story and said when Barber approached the pool, he called her son a “mommy’s boy” and then extended his hand as if to shake the boy’s hand but instead grabbed him and pulled him out of the pool. When the child got back in the pool, the report states he told his mother that Barber wanted him to go to the bathroom.

Another witness told police, that Barber then focused his attention on a little girl, around 4 years old, which was about the same time that security approached him.

Others interviewed informed police that Barber was heard asking women in the pool area if they wanted to go up to his room and even approached a maid and attempted to lure her into a room she was cleaning, the report said.

When officers advised Barber of his rights, he told them to “call my lawyer.” Police reported they found a sexual enhancement supplement in his clothing.

Barber is due to make his initial appearance on Aug. 29. He is currently out of Clark County Detention Center on bail and was ordered to stay away from the resort property.


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