‘Totally Offensive and Inappropriate’: Military Base Reportedly Hosts Drag Queens During ‘Diversity Day’ Celebration

Several drag queens reportedly took the stage at the Los Angeles Air Force Base on Thursday as part of the military base's 2013 "Diversity Day" celebration.

According to Fox News' Todd Starnes, three individuals dressed in drag were featured in a musical performance that sparked outrage among some military personnel.

"I am really surprised that this happened on a military installation," an unidentified airman reportedly told Starnes. "I get that people want to be able to have committed relationships with members of the same sex, but this crossed the line."

Another said the performance was "totally offensive and inappropriate."

Photos reportedly from the event appear to validate the claims, showing two individuals dressed in drag performing to a small crowd on the military base.

Drag Queen Air Force
Drag Queen Air Force

A picture from the event appears to show an individual in drag performing a the Los Angeles Air Force Base (Image source: Fox News).

A video highlight reel from the event captured Brigadier General Tammy Smith asking members of the military to be accepting of diverse cultures and lifestyles.

"I would ask you to also give space to people to be authentically who they are so that they have the opportunity to replace to move a little bit what might be a stereotype and replace it with who they are authentically," she said.

The event was described on the Los Angeles Air Force Base's Facebook page as featuring "ethnic food, entertainment, dance, cultural booths, industry booths, traditional clothing and much more."

Starnes also reported that an LGBT booth was set up at the event.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Air Force did not immediately return requests for comment from TheBlaze.


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