Torture suspects accused of feeding kids dog food, hot sauce

WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — A Wyoming couple charged with torture and child abuse routinely beat their three adopted children, forcing them to eat dog food, sleep in the garage and run miles daily as punishment, court documents show.

The abuse is alleged to have spanned 10 years, a Wyoming police officer wrote in court documents.

On Friday, Alan Jeffrey Jones, 56, and Kris Kathryn Jones, 57, were each arraigned in Wyoming District Court on three counts of torture and three counts of first-degree child abuse. Both felonies are punishable by up to life in prison. A judge denied bond. The pair are being held in the Kent County jail.

Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker said the criminal investigation began when Children’s Protective Services and Wyoming police learned of the allegations; a police report complaint number is dated 2023. Warrants charging the couple were authorized this week.

Wyoming couple accused of torture, child abuse

Defense attorney Steven Simkins said the allegations of abuse have been raised before and were not substantiated.

“These kids have made allegations in the past that were investigated and turned down every single time,” Simkins told Judge Steven Timmers during arraignment on Friday. “These kids are on the record saying, ‘We will find a way to get you.'”

Alan and Kris Jones became legal adopted parents to the children in 2011, court records show. The abuse began two years later, according to court records. It happened at the family home on Hickory Ridge Drive SW near Ivanrest Avenue, court records indicate.

“Several CPS complaints alleged that there were signs of physical and mental abuse, as well as maltreatment of the children,” a Wyoming officer wrote in a probable cause affidavit.

Kris Jones, the officer wrote, “was not cooperative and did not allow CPS to speak with the children.”

Among the allegations of abuse listed in the court record: a child “being placed in a dog collar and forced to eat dog food with milk;” a child “forced to eat oatmeal with hot sauce;” a child “pushed down stairs, held down, punched and choked;” and a child “forced to sleep in the garage in all weather elements.”

“Kris would remove the carpet from the garage steps and force (name redacted) to sleep on the concrete. Shoes would be removed from the garage so that the children could not run away,” an officer wrote.

One allegation says a child was caught eating food from the trash at school “as she was not being fed at home.”

“Kris demanded that the children be supervised while they bathed,” an officer wrote. “Needed permission to use the bathroom and had to ask for toilet paper. The children were forced to run miles a day as a form of punishment.”

Simkins, the defense attorney, said the couple are not a flight risk. He requested “the lowest possible bond,’’ noting that the couple are “church-going individuals who took these kids in.’’

“I am positive the truth will come out, your Honor,’’ Simkins told the court. “These alleged victims have made all of this up.’’

The judge denied bond, given the nature of the charges. They will be back in court next month for a probable cause conference.

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