Tornadoes, strong thunderstorms threaten East Coast

Jason Sickles
Yahoo News

Just a week after being buried by snow and ice, a number of states along the East Coast are dealing with the threat of thunderstorms and tornadoes on Friday.

Severe weather watches and warnings are in play from the Florida Panhandle to Philadelphia, including tornado alerts for Washington, D.C., Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, and North and South Carolina.

The bumpy weather is a product of a cold front pushing toward the Eastern Seaboard.

From the National Weather Service:

A deep supply of moisture flowing northward from the Gulf of Mexico ahead of the cold front is resulting in widespread moderate to heavy rainfall, along with strong thunderstorms. Most locations across the East Coast states should experience a round of rain and embedded thunderstorms lasting for a few hours as the band of rainfall moves eastward.

The system produced reports of 13 tornadoes and lots of wind and hail damage as it moved across the Midwest and South on Thursday.

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