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  • Burn Survivor Becomes Beauty Inspiration

    Burn Survivor Becomes Beauty Inspiration

    With a drop of a pan, Shalom Blac's life changed forever. “I remember just screaming and scraping my body, and my skin was literally falling on the floor,” Blac said. “I remember my mom telling me that I fainted. She thought I was gone.” When she was nine, Shalom and her younger sister were napping under a table at their mother's restaurant in Nigeria. Her mom, unaware of the sleeping girls below, placed a pot of hot oil on the table. Someone accidentally knocked the pot over, scalding the sisters. The girls were rushed to the hospital, severely burned. Eventually, an aunt got them visas so they could come to the United States and undergo several surgeries. A Dark Place After the accident, Shalom's

  • Top Egypt court orders temporary YouTube ban over Prophet Mohammad video

    Top Egypt court orders temporary YouTube ban over Prophet Mohammad video

    CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt's top administrative court ruled on Saturday that regulators must block the video file-sharing site YouTube for one month over a video that denigrates the Prophet Mohammad, a lawyer who filed the case told Reuters. A lower administrative court had ordered that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology block YouTube, owned by Google, in 2013 over the video, but the case was appealed and its ruling stayed during the appeal process. The ministry at the time said it would be impossible to enforce the ruling without also disrupting Google's Internet search engine, incurring potentially huge costs and job losses in the Arab world's most populous country. The

  • EU states agree rules to make search engines pay for news

    EU states agree rules to make search engines pay for news

    Search engines like Google (GOOGL.O) and Microsoft's Bing (MSFT.O) could be made to pay for showing snippets of news articles under draft copyright rules endorsed by European Union ambassadors on Friday. The measure, which is not yet final, would allow press publishers to ask search engines to pay them for showing their articles for up to one year after publication. The original proposal from the European Commission had foreseen giving publishers the right to ask for payment for up to 20 years.

  • Publishing giant Hearst is betting that YouTube will fill a Facebook-shaped hole, and it's seeing 'exponential growth'
    Business Insider

    Publishing giant Hearst is betting that YouTube will fill a Facebook-shaped hole, and it's seeing 'exponential growth'

    Post Facebook's News Feed change, Hearst has been focusing on producing premium, longer-form episodic video series on YouTube. The publisher of Seventeen, Harper's Bazaar, Elle and Cosmopolitan has created more than 34 new web shows, and plans to launch six more in the upcoming weeks. The move is a bid to create a diversified distribution strategy that doesn't rely too much on one platform and also develop a loyal audience in the long run. Still reeling from Facebook's dramatic News Feed shake-up earlier this year, publishers have been in the search of new sustainable ways to build their video businesses. Some, like NowThis, have turned back the spotlight on their websites. Others, like Condé

  • ASMR, explained: why millions of people are watching YouTube videos of someone whispering

    ASMR, explained: why millions of people are watching YouTube videos of someone whispering

    Millions of people have watched a video of a woman whispering into a camera. She doesn't do anything particularly interesting. She just whispers in a melodic voice and makes seemingly random hand movements. Yet millions of people are mesmerized by it. For someone who's unfamiliar with this phenomenon, this might trigger one question: What the hell is going on? This is the world of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response). In this corner of the internet, dozens of video makers record themselves doing something as simple as whispering to elaborate sci-fi role-plays and developing storylines about time travel and demons, and millions of viewers gobble it all up. As one of those regular viewers,

  • Video game critic John 'TotalBiscuit' Bain dies at 33
    USA Today

    Video game critic John 'TotalBiscuit' Bain dies at 33

    John Bain, the video game critic who amassed a large following on YouTube under the nickname "TotalBiscuit," died on Thursday at 33 following a battle with cancer. Bain's death was confirmed through his verified account on Twitter, and through a message from his wife on social media. In April 2014, Bain posted a video on his YouTube channel saying doctors found a mass in his colon. One month later, he confirmed on Twitter he was diagnosed with cancer and would start chemotherapy then surgery. In 2015, Bain confirmed his cancer had gone into remission. Last month, Bain told his followers his cancer had spread to his spine and "chemo doesn't work anymore." "I'm more overwhelmed with grief than

  • Vanguard News

    Unusual Empire: #BBNaija's Alex launches YouTube Channel

    Abuja – Alex Asogwa, 3rd Runner-up BBNaija `Double Wahala'' known for her dancing and writing skills, has launched her YouTube channel “Alex Unusual Empire.'' Alex, 22, who is determined to keep her fans entertained, has also released a teaser on the channel. In the video, the ex-housemate and Television personality preaches positivity., saying: “Peace and positivity is my priority” “It is okay to be different… The sun is alone and it still shines. I stand for what I beleive. Life is a journey and I choose not to rush mine.” “Everyone is special. The world has a lot of people but there is something unique about every single person. “I accept Alexandra Asogwa especially because she is unusual.

  • Tanya Burr's 'daunting' YouTube move

    Tanya Burr's 'daunting' YouTube move

    Tanya Burr admits her move from YouTube superstar to London stage debut is "daunting". She's starring in Confidence at the Southwark Playhouse, where she plays 18-year-old Ella. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous but I try to put the nerves at the back of my mind and just say I'm excited," she explains to Newsbeat. "I didn't know what to expect," she reveals, just after a rehearsal. The play describes itself as: "Bringing the '90s back" with "mix tapes, Argos catalogues and crop tops" as its main character, Ella, tries to escape her mundane life on the seafront to have a successful life in Los Angeles. Tanya says she's done amateur stage productions before but "never something where I'd

  • Woman who posted Holocaust denial songs to YouTube convicted
    the Guardian

    Woman who posted Holocaust denial songs to YouTube convicted

    Judge rules songs were not satirical as Alison Chabloz claimed, but intended to insult Jewish people Fri 25 May 2018 08.36 EDT Last modified on Fri 25 May 2018 08.56 EDT A woman who wrote and performed antisemitic songs mocking the Holocaust has been found guilty of posting “grossly offensive” material to YouTube. Alison Chabloz, 54, was convicted of three charges relating to three of her songs at Westminster magistrates court on Friday. The district judge, John Zani, said he was satisfied the material was grossly offensive and that Chabloz intended to insult Jewish people. The prosecutor Karen Robinson previously told the court: “Miss Chabloz's songs are a million miles away from an attempt

  • YouTube extends messaging to web

    YouTube extends messaging to web

    YouTube's mobile-only messaging feature has now been extended to the web version as well. With the messaging feature, you will be able to chat with your friends' right on, The Verge reported. The conversations will be accessible from the chat bubble icon next to the notifications bell on the upper right corner while the chat history will pop up on the bottom left of the screen. You will be able to share content into private conversations using the share button under any YouTube video and select a contact. You can react with hearts to like a video or message in the chat. (This story has not been edited by Business Standard staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

  • Houston Chronicle

    Calling All YouTube Creators: Share Your “Unicorn Moment” and Win a Free Trip to VidCon 2018 and Filmora Video Editor invite creators to share their unique and magical YouTube stories VidCon US 2018 is less than one month away!, the ultimate YouTube creator community, wants to drum up some excitement by inviting creators to share their “Unicorn Moments” in 1 minute videos. The contest runs from today to June 12, 2018, and the winner will get a free trip to VidCon (flight and hotel included). What's a “Unicorn Moment”? A “Unicorn Moment”, is when you come up with an amazing idea, find a creative solution to a problem, or make something that turns out so well you can't help but be impressed with yourself. Check out contest details here: