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  • LSU Dental School students kicked out in cheating case win suit to reverse expulsion
    The Advocate

    LSU Dental School students kicked out in cheating case win suit to reverse expulsion

    A judge recently ordered LSU Dental School in New Orleans to reinstate two students who filed a lawsuit arguing that they had been unfairly kicked out over accusations of cheating. Judge Todd Hernandez of 19th Judicial District Court in Baton Rouge ruled that the school had violated the students' right to due process because their case was handled by a faculty committee that lacks any written rules. Hernandez wrote that the issue should have been handled by a committee that includes students and has guidelines specifying penalties for academic misconduct, as well as the rights afforded to accused students. Hernandez dismissed a number of other claims made by Thien and Nguyen, including that the

  • Hatched In A Dorm Room, This $25M Investment Fund Is Redefining Venture Capital

    Hatched In A Dorm Room, This $25M Investment Fund Is Redefining Venture Capital

    I encourage my UC Santa Barbara students to practice entrepreneurship in college, before formally starting a company. Juniors Yash Thukral and Nathan Yee (UC San Diego) and Sam Yaffa (Cal State University, Northridge) have taken this advice to its logical end and did not wait to graduate before beginning their entrepreneurial journeys in earnest. Despite having one more year of school ahead of them, these students created a student-led investment vehicle, Triton Fund, raising $25 million, primarily from local San Diego investors and alumni of their respective universities. John Greathouse: Hey guys. Thanks for taking the time for a cyber chat. I'm impressed with what you've pulled off. As someone

  • 2018 graduates already looking to go back to school
    New York Post

    2018 graduates already looking to go back to school

    The real world is a real grind. That's what recent graduates are learning in their first month or so of job hunting, according to LendEDU's recent Class of 2018 Career Report, which surveyed 1,000 four-year college grads and found that 34.4 percent are still looking for work and 24.3 percent are either taking the rest of the summer or the next year off to figure out their futures. But more than a third (36 percent) of those still-unemployed grads are already “actively considering” going back to school to make themselves more hirable, according to the survey and 27.62 percent said the idea had “popped into my head.” That could be because 7.27 percent are convinced that they haven't found work


    When race triggers a call to campus police

    (The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.) Brian N. Williams, University of Virginia; Andrea M. Headley, University of California, Berkeley, and Megan LePere-Schloop, The Ohio State University (THE CONVERSATION) On a beautiful spring afternoon on a picturesque college campus, two campus police officers responded to a black professor's “good afternoon” with a request to see his identification. The professor paused for a moment but decided to comply. He wondered if perhaps his attire – slacks, a button-down shirt and loafers – didn't signal that he belonged. As he presented his ID, another group of colleagues – all white – arrived

  • Houston Chronicle

    Rice University Social Sciences school to get new building

    Rice University students studying the social sciences attend classes and meet with their professors in various buildings across their 300-acre campus. That will change come early 2020 when in the School of Social Sciences will have a building of its own for the first time. “This is absolutely transformational,” dean Antonio Merlo said. “This is going to be a major investment into raising the profile of the School of Social Sciences.” Construction will start next month on the four-story, 73,000-square-foot building, which is scheduled to open prior to the spring 2020 semester. The space will be home to the school's Sociology and Economics departments, the dean's office, sociology lab space and

  • University of Maryland system chief Caret earned nearly $800,000 in fiscal year 2017
    Baltimore Sun

    University of Maryland system chief Caret earned nearly $800,000 in fiscal year 2017

    The head of the University System of Maryland received nearly $800,000 in compensation for fiscal year 2017, according to a report released by The Chronicle of Higher Education on Sunday. University System of Maryland Chancellor Robert Caret was the highest-paid head of a public university in the state, receiving a controversial, one-time $75,000 bonus and other perks that brought his total compensation to $785,696. He is the 26th highest-paid nationwide, according to The Chronicle's data, which included the 251 highest paid chief executives from a survey of all public doctoral universities and all state college and university systems with at least three campuses and 50,000 students. Other highly-paid

  • Technical Tidbits 7/13: Hey, where's all that adidas gear?
    From The Rumble Seat

    Technical Tidbits 7/13: Hey, where's all that adidas gear?

    Tech has adidas gear! ....somewhere. The complete absence of any adidas gear nearly two weeks into the GT-adi contract might give one the impression production did not start until the stroke of midnight, but au contraire - athletics have been receiving boxes and boxes of the stuff since May. May! There's so much stuff they don't know what to do with it over in the Edge Center. And yet we've all only heard about it. But we'll see it. One day. Eventually. See, BJS gets it. But wait! There's one more chance to win some mysteeeeeeeerious adidas gear! Yes, that's right, there's even more free* adidas gear to be had! Those who purchase season tickets to watch this season's Fightin' Pastners will be

  • Kogelo to Push for Approval of 'Barack Obama University'

    Kogelo to Push for Approval of 'Barack Obama University'

    Kogelo residents will push former United States President Barack Obama to publicly endorse a university to be named after him. Already, locals have set aside 24 acres for the main campus of the university in Nyang'oma while plans are underway to admit the first batch of students to Siaya Agricultural Training Centre in September. The establishment of Barack Obama University of Leadership and Technology will be among the six petitions to be presented to the former US president when he lands in Siaya today. Community spokesman Nicholas Rajula said talks are at an advanced stage to make Siaya ATC a constituent college of the university. OPEN POTENTIAL He added that the college is working with Maseno

  • Bangor Daily News

    Maine university system picks Eliot Cutler's successor for workforce project

    The University of Maine System has tapped one of its former trustees to lead the push to create a new center to quickly meet the ever-changing workforce needs and boost economic development. Theresa Sutton started in her new role as chief executive officer for Maine Center Ventures on Monday, the same day system officials announced her hiring. “My brain is wired to seek ways to solve problems and find the root causes,” Sutton said in explaining why she wanted the job. Maine Center Ventures is a tax-exempt entity tasked with building ties with Maine's business communities and making Maine's universities more responsive to their needs through the Maine Center for Graduate and Professional Studies.

  • St. Paul School Wins Award for Wheelchair Accommodation
    US News & World Report

    St. Paul School Wins Award for Wheelchair Accommodation

    ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Nathan Leber, who just completed sixth grade at St. Thomas More Catholic School in St. Paul, loves talking about history with his grandpa. He's reading a book about World War II that he thinks is "super interesting." He loves to swim competitively, he gets annoyed with his 4-year-old brother, and his favorite video game is "Fortnite." Everything about Nathan screams "sixth-grade boy." Datta is thankful to St. Thomas More. She's disappointed, however, that it took her so long to find a school willing to accommodate Nathan. St. Thomas More costs about $1,000 more per year than other schools she called, but because it was the only school with open enrollment and an elevator,

  • Summer camp with the Household Cavalry
    BBC News

    Summer camp with the Household Cavalry

    The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment has swapped ceremonial duties and London city life for its annual rural summer camp in Norfolk. More than 100 horses and 200 troopers made the journey from Knightsbridge to Bodney to develop their riding skills and increase the confidence of the horses.

  • Global News

    Global exclusive | News, Videos & Articles

    “I was like, 'No I don't have ID. Do you go swimming with ID in your back pocket?'” Continue reading →