Gun violence

Gun-related violence is violence committed with the use of a gun. Gun-related violence may or may not be considered criminal. Criminal violence includes homicide (except when and where ruled justifiable), assault with a deadly weapon, and suicide, or attempted suicide, depending on jurisdiction. Non-criminal violence includes accidental or unintentional injury and death (except perhaps in cases of criminal negligence).
  • Gun violence: New laws need to close loopholes, create a database, and reform Stand Your Ground
    Miami Herald

    Gun violence: New laws need to close loopholes, create a database, and reform Stand Your Ground

    Influencer Chairman: RHEA LAW. Influencer Members: MARLEINE BASTIEN, LEIGH-ANN BUCHANAN, MARY ANNE FRANKS, BOB MCCLURE, JESSICA GOLDMAN SREBNICK, BOB WARD THE QUESTION: How should Florida's elected leaders build on the work of the last legislative session to reduce gun violence Summary of the survey findings of 50 Influencers: The Florida Influencers said the measures Gov. Rick Scott signed into law after the Parkland shooting were an important first step, but that lawmakers' work to protect schools and students is far from complete. Nearly 80 percent said that while they supported recent gun law changes -- a higher minimum age to purchase some firearms, a ban on bump stocks and new mental health

  • Chicago sports teams donate $1 million to combat gun violence: 'We want to be invested in it'
    Orlando Sentinel

    Chicago sports teams donate $1 million to combat gun violence: 'We want to be invested in it'

    Maybe it was a crime story he read in the newspaper or perhaps a sobering local TV report, but whatever it was, it prompted White Sox and Bulls Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf to pick up the phone and call the other most influential team executives in the city to combine their activist efforts and form the Chicago Sports Alliance. Together they donated $1 million to fund training for crime lab analysts, and this week they announced plans to donate another $1 million for more gun violence initiatives. “At one point I said to (Sox vice president of communications) Scott Reifert, maybe I made a mistake with this thing because all of sudden you have five people used to running your own organization and now we have to agree with each other on everything.

  • Philanthropic Fund Seeks Proposals For Research On Gun Violence
    Santa Monica, CA Patch

    Philanthropic Fund Seeks Proposals For Research On Gun Violence

    The National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research, a philanthropic fund administered by the Santa Monica-based RAND Corp., announced Thursday that it will release its first request for proposals and award up to $10 million in research funding during its first round of grant-making. The request for proposals will seek researchers' ideas for projects designed to broaden agreement on the facts associated with gun policy, and support development of fair and effective policies that recognize individuals' rights to own guns. The collaborative said it will award between $20 million and $50 million in research funding on these topics over the next five years. The 12-member research advisory committee will guide the collaborative's efforts, defining research priorities and ultimately choosing which research projects receive support.

  • Columbus Telegram

    Commentary: Broad gun-control restrictions are not the answer

    If we're truly serious, however, about reducing gun violence rates and increasing personal safety, we must ensure that policy decisions are made with an eye toward facts and reality, not panic and outrage. The facts tell us that most commonly proposed gun-control measures are already ineffective at preventing mass public shootings in states where they are currently implemented, and that they will continue to be ineffective at preventing future tragedies. Although some gun-control advocates claim there have been more than 300 "mass shootings" this year, that number is a product of using deceptive and largely meaningless definitions that include incidents far removed from the context commonly associated with the term. Another two occurred in Pennsylvania, whose "C" rating still accounts for the 13th strictest gun-control framework in the country.

  • Christian Science Monitor

    Are mass shootings doomed to be America's 'new normal'? 'That is a myth.'

    The satirical online publication The Onion has posted the same short piece in the aftermath of several of the country’s worst mass shootings since 2014. The story includes details about the latest spasm of gun violence – where it occurred, the number of victims – followed by a quote from a fictional Midwestern resident.