Top health/fitness apps: apps for weight loss, Pilates, and being chased by zombies

AFP Relax News

Runtastic, iFitness, and Fitocracy are some of this week’s top health and fitness apps in the iTunes Store around the globe this week. Also popular: an immersion running game that has you fleeing from flesh-eating zombies, an app that lets you check out 3D images of muscles, and another that offers a battery of medical tests to keep tabs on your health.

Details on some of the top iTunes apps by country/region for the week, recorded on April 6, can be found below.

UK: MyPilatesGuru
Ranking as the UK's third most popular free app in the health and fitness category, MyPilatesGuru app corresponds with a book of the same title by Anya Hayes and offers pre-loaded sessions, instructions, and activity and progress tracking.

US: Fitocracy
The third most popular free health and fitness app, Fitocracy both tracks your workouts and lets you compete against other users and friends.

France: Horoscope Chinois
In France, Horoscope Chinois is the top free health and fitness app. The app delivers daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscope readings, and access to a profile of your Chinese astrological sign.

Canada: Zombies, Run!
Ranking as Canada’s third most popular paid health iTunes app, Zombies, Run! is an immersion running game for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android that delivers zombie-based apocalyptic stories via orders and voice recordings to keep your runs both entertaining and motivating. Price: $3.99.!/id503519713?mt=8

Spain: iFitness
Spain's second top paid health and fitness app this week, iFitness has a database of more than 450 exercises explained in four different ways: text description, audio instructions, HD images, and HD videos. BMI calculator and exercise logging allows you to track your progress. Price: 99 cents.

Germany: Runtastic Pro GPS Coach
Available in English and German, this app tracks distance, time, speed, and pace of your runs, walks, or bike rides while displaying your route on a map. Allows you to share data with social media sites. This week, Runtastic is Germany's fourth most popular paid health and fitness iTunes app. Price: $5.99.

Iceland: iMuscle iPhone edition
An on-the-go workout aid with 3D views of the muscles or body parts you want to exercise or rehabilitate. iMuscle – the country's fourth most popular health and fitness paid iTunes app -- comes complete with exercise guide, labeling, and "medically correct" descriptions. Price: $1.99.

Japan: Sight Recovery 3D
The top paid health and fitness app for iTunes users in Japan this week, this app aims to give your eyes a workout by leading you through strengthening exercises based on 3D images. Price: 99 cents.

China: Pocket Check-Up
Available in English and Chinese, Pocket Check-Up features medical tests you perform yourself, including heart rate, speech audiometry, and vision. Pro version offers six more tests, including memory, color vision, intelligence, BMI, personality, and astigmatism. The app ranks as China’s number two paid health iTunes app this week. Price: $2.99.

Brazil: Medida Certa
The fourth most popular free iTunes health app this week, Medida Certa aims to reprogram your body in 90 days with training sessions popularized by the Brazilian television show Fantástico and prepared by the show’s fitness expert Márcio Atalla.