Top health/fitness apps: apps to boost sex drive, test for "burnout," and put you to sleep

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Sex Drive iPhone app

Top apps around the globe this week include an app that uses binaural brain wave therapy to boost your sex drive, a test to measure your degree of “burnout,” and an app that teaches you self-hypnosis.

Details on some of the top iTunes apps by country/region for the week, chosen from among the top ten paid and top five free apps recorded on April 25, can be found below.

Brazil: Sex Drive
Ranking as Brazil’s seventh most popular paid health and fitness app this week, Sex Drive promises to ramp up your desires with its binaural beat therapy -- which comprises two constant tones, played at slightly different frequencies in each ear. Price: $1.99.

Germany: Burnout Test
Germans are tapping into Burnout Test, an app designed to provide a measuring stick as to your degree of “burnout syndrome” with 27 test questions. The app charts at number one in free health apps in Germany’s iTunes Store.

US: Sleep Pillow Sounds
In the US, Sleep Pillow Sounds ranks as the ninth most popular paid app in the health and fitness category. Download the app, plug in your headphones, and enjoy ambient sounds designed to lull you to sleep. $1.99.

Canada: Self-Hypnosis for Complete Relaxation
Canadians are tuning into this new app to relieve stress and anxiety with a 15-minute guided relaxation session. The app is the second most popular free health and fitness iTunes app in the country.

India: All-In Yoga
In India, the second most popular paid app in the health and fitness category on iTunes is All-In Yoga, packed with 300 poses with photos, videos, and audio guides and three-dimensional muscle models for every pose. Features 40 yoga programs and option to build your own. $0.99

Spain: Weightbot
The ninth most popular paid health app in Spain this week is Weightbot, a weight-tracking app that helps you manage your weight, set goals, view your BMI, and track your progress. €1.59.

France: Mon Special K
In France, Special K cereal lovers are flocking to iTunes to download this free app (with English version available: My Special K), which helps dieters drop weight with on-the-go meal plans, thousands of recipes, dining out guides, and advice. In France, this app is the second most popular free health and fitness app in the iTunes store.

UK: Fitness Buddy
The third most popular paid health and fitness iTunes app in the UK is Fitness Buddy, a workout tool featuring 1,700 exercises to tone your entire body, and more than a thousand HD videos for how-to instruction. $0.99.

Japan: i-Yoga
Japan’s second most popular free health app in the iTunes Store is i-Yoga, with four 30-minute yoga lessons and morning or evening meditation programs.

Philippines: Six Pack App Pro
In the Philippines, the third most popular paid health and fitness iTunes app is all about ripped abs. Six Pack App Pro offers step-by-step instructions on hundreds of abdominal exercises, with detailed muscle illustrations and tips on dos and don’ts. $0.99.