Top Five: Negotiating Salary

Check out our tips on negotiating a salary before saying yes to that new gig

Are you one of those many people who are trying to find a better job in 2023? If you are lucky enough to be one of those people to score an interview or better yet an offer in the first month of the new year, here are a few things to think about when negotiating.

With an offer in hand, you’ll never have more leverage than you do at that moment. The company wants you and they may be open to negotiating at least some elements of your compensation. Most people immediately think of money but there are few options beyond salary.

Check out our tips on negotiating a salary before saying yes to that new gig

  1. Sign On Bonus - Salaries are commonly tied to a company’s pay structure, hiring managers often have more flexibility in the form of a sign-on bonus rather than permanent salary increases.

  2. Flexible Work Structure - In a post pandemic world and numerous telecommuting options, a flexible schedule may be a more viable option for your situation. Flexible schedules can help save significantly on commuting costs.

  3. Vacation Time - Time is money and negotiating an extra week of vacation time may be more doable for hiring managers than seeking approvals for a higher salary.

  4. Educational Reimbursement/Professional Development - Don’t dismiss this as having been there done that, companies willing to invest in professional development may help you land that higher salary in your next or can offset some of that student loan debt.

  5. Health Benefits - Independent health plans and medical co-pays can be costly for individuals and families, knowing all the health benefit options/availability can reduce your monthly expenses drastically. That means more money in your pocket.