Top 6 Bollywood Divas Who Are Daddy's Little Girls

Bollywood’s leading ladies have never shied away from publicly expressing their love for the most important men in their lives- their fathers. These divas have grown up to rule the hearts of millions of fans, but for their fathers they are still little princesses. Let us have a look at the self-confessed daddy’s girls of Bollywood.
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#1. Athiya Shetty

She is the daughter of 90’s macho man, Bollywood actor/producer, Sunil Shetty and business woman Mana Shetty. She has a younger brother, Ahaan. Athiya, who is all set to take her first footstep in the Bollywood industry with her debut movie, Hero, is a true daddy’s girl. She is an ardent Bollywood fan, but never intended to face the camera. Athiya did a course in filmmaking from New York Film Academy.

Sunil Shetty has high hopes from her daughter’s debut movie where she stars opposite Sooraj Pancholi.

#2. Sonam Kapoor

For this Bollywood’s fashion diva, her father, Anil Kapoor is the best actor in the country. She shares a very friendly and close relationship with her father. Anil, too, is a doting dad who pampers Sonam a lot. Recently, daddy dearest even bought rights for film adaptations of two books, which are Sonam’s favourites.

In Sonam’s words:

“I go to him for advice where my personal life is concerned as he is more liberal than my mother. He wants us (Sonam and Rhea) to be friends with him, but I want to talk to him in a certain way and give him that respect as I have strong Indian values.”

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#3. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka is not shy about showing her love for her dad publicly. Even her twitter page describes her as ‘Daddy’s lil girl’. She even has tattooed these special words on her wrist.

When Priyanka's father, Dr. Ashok Chopra, was suffering from cancer, she dropped all her assignments to be with him. However, cancer did not stop him from accompanying his daughter to Vancouver, where she won an award for Barfi. Unfortunately, her father passed away on June 10, 2013, with Priyanka and her entire family by his side.

In Priyanka’s words:

This is what the quintessential daddy’s girl has to say about her father, “I am my daddy’s little girl. He is my superhero.” She adds, “The man I marry needs to be a chhavi (mirror image) of my dad. It doesn’t matter which profession or place he belongs to, but he should be someone whom I respect tremendously.”

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#4. Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi is her daddy’s favourite. For her, Shatrughan Sinha is the world’s best man and actor. When Shatrughan Sinha was hospitalised, Sonakshi left all her work to be with him. During his recovery, she even put him under house arrest. Shatrughan says, “There’s only one woman I’m afraid of. I can’t defy any command from my daughter.”

In Sonakshi’s words:

“My dad has a strong personality, but he is a real softy inside. He is extremely caring and a good role model to have. My brothers always like to believe that my father pampered me and I am spoilt.”

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#5. Anushka Sharma

Being an army officer’s daughter was not easy. Her father was not around most of the times, but when he would return home, she would not let him out of her sight. Anushka says, “I have always been daddy’s little girl.” Anushka attributes her success to her liberal upbringing, which helped to shape her personality.

In Anushka’s words:

Anushka says, “I am extremely close to my father and can talk to him about what I can talk to no one else. If I am sad and he just comes and sits next to me, it has a calming effect on me.“

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#6. Shraddha Kapoor

Even though Shakti Kapoor is the ‘bad man’ of Bollywood, Shraddha dotes on her father. She made him nostalgic when she gifted him a coffee mug with "Release GoGo” written on it. This brought back memories of one of Shakti Kapoor’s famous character’s, Crime Master GoGo from Andaz Apna Apna. Shraddha even superstitiously believes that whenever Shakti Kapoor watches one of her films in Delhi, it becomes a hit.

In Shraddha’s words

At one of the promotional events for her recent movie ABCD 2, Shraddha said, “Apart from dance trainers, I thought of my dad (Shakti Kapoor) while dancing in ABCD 2. My dad always says that when you dance you have to have a lot of energy. It has to be in your bones. You have to literally break ground,” Shraddha told PTI.

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Well, these strong Bollywood divas prove that no matter how old you grow, you are always going to be 'daddy’s little girl’.