Top 5 Apps for Kids This Week

Chris Crowell
Top 5 Apps for Kids You Don't Want to Miss
1. Star Walk HD-5

1. Green Eggs and Ham

Ages 3-up Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars Why we like it: One of the very first iPad apps has been improved, with a "record and share" feature that lets you record and save the narration of multiple readers. You might want to keep a version with Grandpa's voice; another by a parent. Need to know: Not all OHM (Oceanhouse Media) apps have the record and share feature so read the descriptions carefully. The touch-to-see-the-label graphics make this an excellent early reading app. Ease of use: 10/10 Educational: 10/10 Entertaining: 9/10 $3.99

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This week's Top 5 Kids Apps are chock-full of lessons in writing, reading and math. One of them might even make you -- at least, some of you -- feel a little nostalgic.

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Our friends at Children's Technology Review shared with us these 5 top apps from their comprehensive monthly database of kid-tested reviews. The site covers everything from math and counting to reading and phonics.

Check back next week for more Top Kids Apps from Children's Technology Review.

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