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Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

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This week in tech was full of fascinating and often weird stories.

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In the weird department, how about a dress that turns clear when you get turned on? Gives the word "transparency" a whole new meaning, and could probably make dates a bit more fun. The dress was created by a Netherlands-based fashion designer. As for fascinating, British archaeologists unearthed the remains of controversial King Richard III, beneath a parking lot -- and researchers used them to create a 3D-printed reproduction of his face.

It was a week especially full of scientific news. A new project to simulate the human brain with a supercomputer was announced, and Nokia announced it has received funds from the European Union to develop graphene, which will be the strongest material on earth.

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If you are an open-source enthusiast, finding out that Linux-based operating system Ubuntu will have its first phone sooner than expected must have been a pleasant surprise. In other open-source, geeky news, the first stripped-down Raspberry Pi computer is available in Europe, and will soon come to United States as well.

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