Top 10 Pinterest Pins This Week

Jeremy Cabalona
Top 10 Pinterest Pins This Week
Magnetic Floating Sofa Cloud

Magnetic Floating Sofa Cloud

"Magnetic floating sofa cloud concept. Everyone should have one!" Pinned From: Ricktastic Mulvay, Walk your dog daily Source: DK & Wei

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There is more to Pinterest than just weddings and recipes. Check out our 10 favorite pins from this week.

While compiling our top 10 Pinterest pins, we came across handy products, useful tips and eye-catching design concepts. In addition to keeping a close eye on our Pinterest feed, we use the Pinterest analytics tool Repinly to look through popular pins and choose 10 standouts to share in our roundup.

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This week, we couldn't help but be captivated by a design concept for a floating cloud sofa (sadly, it isn't a reality at this time) and a concept for a flat extension cord. Additionally, we found a few real life products that could make your life a little more convenient -- such as a playful key holder and a handy dustpan.

What were your favorite Pinterest pins this week?

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