Top 10 Most Amazing iPhone Puzzle Games

Carter Dotson

Since the days of Tetris on the original Game Boy, puzzle games and handheld devices have gone hand in hand. With the App Store encouraging creative developers to come up with their own ideas for addicting brain-teasers, there are plenty of quality puzzle games out there for the iPhone and iPad. But these puzzlers are the cream of the crop. From new takes on familiar ideas to unique hybrids -- these are the ten best puzzle games for iOS.

1. Bejeweled Blitz

PopCap's high-speed take on the Bejeweled formula is perfectly represented on iOS. One minute to match as many gems as possible means a lot of luck is required, but it's just crazy enough to stay exciting and interesting. The game uses Facebook to connect with the browser version of the game, bringing together achievements and friend leaderboards from across various platforms.

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