Tommy Tuberville says he recognizes ‘look’ on Trump’s face in mug shot

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Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) said he he recognized the “look” on Donald Trump’s face in the former president’s recently released mug shot during an interview on Newsmax on Thursday, NBC reported.

“I’ve seen President Trump with that look a couple times playing golf with him when he’s missed a putt or I’m beating him in a round of golf,” Tuberville reportedly said.

Trump surrendered to Fulton County, Ga., authorities Thursday, a week after his indictment in District Attorney Fani Willis’s case alongside 18 other co-defendants. His mug shot is the first of a president, in or out of office, known to have been taken.

Trump’s seemingly displeased expression in his mug shot reflects his tone in social media posts made shortly after his booking.

Trump returns to Twitter, under its new moniker X

Trump posted on X, the social media network formerly known as Twitter, sharing a photo of his mug shot with the words “Election Interference” and “Never Surrender!” The post on X was the first Trump has made on the platform in two years.

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