Tom Hanks sent a fan a typewriter as a thank you present

While Tom Hanks was receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom yesterday, a fan of his got a surprise gift in the mail. 

The actor, who has never been shy about expressing his love of typewriters, sent artist Denise Esposito a glorious typewriter along with a personal note after she presented him with a book of sketches. 

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"Tom Hanks just sent me a typewriter and a thank you note after I gave him as a gift a sketchbook filled with drawings of all his movies," Esposito wrote on a Reddit post Wednesday. "How unbelievably cool is that?"

Image: reddit/deniseespositoart

"For your lovely book of sketches of—all—those MOVIES, here's a typewriter to do with whatever you need! Make more art!" he wrote. 

According to LAist, the artist, Denise Esposito, gave the sketchbook to Hank's publicist at the Rome Film Festival in October. 

"I was like 'OK, at least I'm sure he'll receive it.' And a few minutes later a guy called me saying that Tom Hanks just saw my sketchbook and wanted to meet me! I couldn't believe it and nearly started to cry," she said. 

Dreams come true! Thank you @tomhanks for being such a wonderful guy! ❤️ #tomhanks #omg #imcrying

A photo posted by Denise Esposito (@deniseespositoart) on Oct 13, 2016 at 6:04am PDT

"How amazing life is when your favorite actor sends you a typewriter and a thank you letter?
How unbelievably cool is that?," Esposito wrote on Instagram. "I can't stop staring at all of this.
When a gesture is worth a thousand words.. and this man really left me speechless..."

You can take a look at all of Esposito's gorgeous sketches in the video below. 

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