Tom Hanks On His Live TV F Bomb: 'Worst Moment Of My Professional Career'

Tom Hanks arrives at the 'Cloud Atlas' premiere at in Hollywood, Calif. on October 24, 2012 -- Getty Images

Tom Hanks would like to forget about his recent dropping of the "F" word on live TV last week - but Access Hollywood just won't let him!

"Hey, it's Tom (expletive) Hanks!" an Access producer said to the star when we caught up with him at the "Cloud Atlas" premiere in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

PLAY IT NOW: Tom Hanks: Dropping An F-Bomb On Live TV Was The ‘Worst Moment Of My Professional Career!’

"Hey, easy now. You're on the other side of the camera," Tom told Access. "So, you can get away with that."

Tom's momentary foul-mouthed mishap occurred last week on "Good Morning America" while he was imitating one of the many characters he portrays in the Lana and Andy Wachowski-directed movie, which also stars Halle Berry.

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"Worst moment of my professional career," he told Access, referring to the F bomb. "Absolute worst."

"You looked so mortified the minute it [happened]," Tom's wife, Rita Wilson, who accompanied him on the red carpet, said.

"Oh... I was," Tom added.

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As previously reported on, Tom apologized immediately after the "GMA" incident.

"I slipped into a brand of acting. I have never done that before! I want to apologize to the kids of America who are watching right now," he said on Friday. "And let me say, next time I'm on the show there'll be seven-second delay!

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"Never give me a handheld mic," he added, with a laugh. "I blame the staff! I blame the staff!"

"Cloud Atlas" hits theaters on October 26.

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