Tom Cruise Gets Tough in 'Jack Reacher'

Richard Lawson
Tom Cruise Gets Tough in 'Jack Reacher'

Here's a trailer for Tom Cruise's next action flick Jack Reacher, a hardboiled drifter movie based on the popular series of books by Lee Child. Reacher is supposed to be well over six feet and thickly, strongly built. So, naturally director Christopher McQuarrie cast Tom Cruise.

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That's been Reacher fans' main complaint about this movie, that Cruise is so miscast that he basically changes the entire story. But hey, it's Tommy's birthday so we're not going to say anything mean about how he's a tiny person or anything. We'll just say that you don't see much in this trailer, though there is at least a little fighting and some moody city streets that look to be, if we're not mistaken, Pittsburgh. Jack Reacher is apparently looking into the murder of five people, but that's really the only plot description out there. (It's based specifically on the novel One Shot, so, eh, look it up.)

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Now that Tom is single and ready to mingle, will this tough guy role win him some lady fans? Will it win him any fans? Cruise can be good at the dark serious stuff — see Collateral — but he's really most at home when things are a little airier, like in his recent smash hit Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, for example. This, though, looks to be on the less funny end of the spectrum, so we'll have to wait and see if he can sell it.

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And see it we should. He's having a rough couple of weeks, you guys. A divorce, turning 50.... That's a lot to deal with. Tom needs this one.