10 Valentine Gifts Under $15

On birthdays, you give a gift they’ve always wanted. On anniversaries, you concentrate on finding something sentimental. For Christmas, you try to show your holiday spirit. So take a lighthearted look at Valentine’s Day and find something for your boyfriend, sister, mother, or friend that will simply make ‘em smile. No need to drop a lot of cash—a token of love doesn’t need to cost a ton.

Here are 10 gift ideas—all under $15—that will do just that!


Nothing says “I like you” than, er, this book! As the text on the back says: Here is the book that Romeo would have given Juliet, Charlie Brown would have given Snoopy, and you can give to some very special friend. And there you have it…’nuff said.

I Like You, $6.95; Terrain


This charming jewelry dish expresses love in its native tongue. A sweet little reminder every time you hear the clink of your rings and bracelets hit the ceramic surface.

L’Amour Trinket Dish, $14; Anthropologie

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Don’t take the words “I love you” at face value…make your beau prove his feelings—and agility—with this love puzzle. If the recipient can free the ball from the knot, then his love is, indeed, of the true variety. Sure, we’ll buy that test.

Wooden Love Test, $12; Terrain.com


Candles equal romance and romance is what Valentine’s Day is all about, yes? These sweet wooden-cube candle holders come in 2 colors, grape or raspberry, and are sold individually.

Valentine Candle by Stacy Wong, $13; Great.ly  (p.s. it’s a very cool handmade craft site you should check out!)


A guitar player can never have too many picks laying around, and a custom-printed one might help ‘em find that loving feeling.

Personalized Engraved Guitar Picks, $4; Texas Custom Crafts on Etsy

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Introducing the newest version of the “Best Friends Forever" necklace! Each friend takes a side of the LEGO heart. The perfect gift for friends that just click.

BFF Heart Necklace Set, $11; Cute Hearts on Etsy


This Valentine’s Day, tell her what you really think of her with this cheeky keychain. (Or, here’s an idea, ladies: don’t wait for someone to give it you. Go on and buy it for yourself, babe!)

Get Around Keychain, $12; Shop Ban.do


Here’s a new idea…instead of giving out chocolates or flowers this Valentine’s Day, spread the love by temporarily tattooing everyone in your wake. And this sweet sentiment will inspire a lot of awwww’s.

You Deserve To…Tattoo (set of 2), $5; Tattly 

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This Valentine’s gift kills two birds with one stone—professing your everlasting love to your sweetheart and to your coffee. As most would agree, comparing romantic love to that of coffee is indeed a compliment of the highest regard.

Coffee Mug, $12; Urban Outfitters


Prepare a candlelit dinner of finger foods for two, embellished with these his-and-hers skewers slash cocktail stirrers. If you’re interested in custom silhouettes, get your order in ASAP.

His and Hers Silhouette Cocktail Stirrers (set of 10), $8; Great.ly

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