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February 2, 2024

Today on CNN 10, an overview of weather predictions on Groundhog’s Day. We’ll take you inside the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing where tech executives faced grueling scrutiny for the impact of their social media platforms on young users. And finally, a mystery surrounding Amelia Earhart’s final flight may finally be solved.


1. Name the painting that was recently splashed with pumpkin soup by environmental activists?

2. In what country are farmers blocking major roads to the capital to protest current economic conditions and government regulations?

3. What state has recently made teaching cursive writing mandatory?

4. What judicial organization recently ordered Israel to prevent genocide against the Palestinian people in their ongoing war in Gaza?

5. What’s the name of the current North Korean leader?

6. A video of McDonald’s home delivery order with 200 items recently went viral. What was in it?

7. What company announced it recently performed its first successful surgery to implant a chip in a human brain?

8. The study on the possible first encounter of a newborn baby shark of this kind in the wild was published this week. What kind of shark was it?

9. Who was the first pilot to fly solo and nonstop across the US?

10. This social media giant’s executive apologized during the senate hearing on child safety this week.

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